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Adult Test. The adult spiritual gifts test is geared towards those with a good understanding of themselves and where they are in their walk with Jesus. This test is appropriate for new believers as well as mature Christians. This test is also suitable for some who are young, even those still in high school, who have a more developed faith.This Youth Spiritual Gifts Test will help you determine what Spiritual Gift(s) andor Special Talent(s) God has given you. This test covers 26 Spiritual Gifts and is created for Christian youth and young adults. If you have been a Christian for a few years, you should use your personal experiences as the basis for your responses. spiritual gifts test pdf youth

any. When you are finished use the scoring sheet at the end to see what your spiritual gifts are. Respond to each statement according to the following 04 point scale: 0 Never; Not true 1 Rarely; Seldom true 2 Some of the time; Occasionally true 3 Most of the time; Usually true 4 All of the time; Consistently true Begin: 1.

When you are finished click the Score Test button at the end to view your results. FREE PDF Study Guide and Bonus! Sign up for our newsletter and automatically receive Lesson 1 of Gifted by Grace: An Introduction to the Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts. Open the file using MSWord 2000 (or newer). The Youth Spiritual Gifts Test along with Analysis Instructions prints on 8 pages of 8. 5 X 11 paper. The Spiritual Gifts Reference Material takes an additional 17 pages to print. spiritual gifts test pdf youth Spiritual Gifts Inventory, Short Form A method to help you discover your gifts. Check the items which best describe you. 1. I prefer ministering by myself rather than in a group.

This reference material applies to both the Adult Spiritual Gifts Test and the Youth Spiritual Gifts Test. The Adult test includes all 28 gifts mentioned in this material. In order to make the Youth test shorter, yet cover gifts that Youth are most likely to have, the Youth test is limited to 20 gifts. spiritual gifts test pdf youth Spiritual Gifts Assessment Score Card 5 Consistently true 3 Majority time true 1 Once in awhile 0 Not at all Read each question then write your answer (5, 3, 1, or 0) in the chart below. SPIRITUAL GIFTS ASSESSMENT When you accepted Christ, you not only got savedyou were given something very special from God: a JLIWHGQHVV WR VHUYH RG LQ D XQLTXH ZD\ RGV SODQ IRU \RXU OLIH LV WKDW \RX ZRXOG PHHW D VSHFLF QHHG LQ Welcome. As a follower of Jesus, exploring and exercising your spiritual gifting is a vital and exciting part of your spiritual journey. This site is designed as a tool to help you discern the spiritual gifts a sense of the spiritual gifts the Spirit has given you. For each statement, indicate how true the statement is for you using one of the following numbers: 3yes, all the time 2yes, sometimes 1maybe, occasionally 0no, never Compile your scores and determine your spiritual gifts using the tool on pages 46. 1.

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