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In this code drawing on a canvas is saves as a xmlXAML file. i need to export the canvas as PDF and JPG. I can't get them convered as the xaml is serialized.Root Users Guide Version 1. 0 Darin Acosta Page 1 ROOT Users Guide Introduction: Root was developed by Rene Brun (author of PAW) and others as an objectoriented analysis TCanvas c1; You can control the size of the window by specifying the widths (as well as name, title, and other options): ROOTguide. PDF root tcanvas pdf

ROOT. py Loads PyROOT. so module Installs exception hook to capture name errors Names starting with 'T' are looked up by ROOT Instantiated in the proper namespace, if correctable new TObject( arg1, arg2, ) Wim Lavrijsen, LBNL 15 PyROOT, LBNL October 2003 MethodDispatcher

The PDF files look fine when viewed on screen but when printed the output is shifted about half way across the paper and the right hand half of the plot is lost. Looking at the submitted ROOT macros I see that the students have done nothing more than draw a histogram on a canvas and then done; Introduction WHAT IS ROOT? ROOT is an object oriented framework It has a CC interpreter (CINT) and CC compiler (ACLIC) ROOT is used extensively in High Energy Physics for data root tcanvas pdf The Canvas class A Canvas is an area mapped to a window directly under the control of the display manager. A ROOT session may have several canvases open at any given time.

TCanvas c1 new TCanvas( c1 , The FillRandom example , 200, 10, 700, 900); last 4 arguments: top xcoord of window, if filename contains. pdf, a PDF file is produced if filename contains. svg, a SVG file is produced if filename contains. root, a Root file is produced if root tcanvas pdf ROOT An Object Oriented Framework For Large Scale Data Analysis. Qt layer for ROOT An Object Oriented Framework For Large Scale Data Analysis. Source: header file source file inheritance tree (. pdf) Map the Qt mouse double click button event to the ROOT TCanvas events kButton1Double 61, kButton2Double 62, kButton3Double 63 A ROOT session may have several canvases open at any given time. A Canvas may be subdivided into independent graphical areas: the Pads. A canvas has a default pad which has the name of the canvas itself. An example of a Canvas layout is sketched in the picture below. static TCanvas The following are 7 code examples for showing how to use ROOT. TCanvas(). They are extracted from open source Python projects. You can vote up the examples ROOT What is ROOT? ROOT is an objectoriented C analysis package Usercompiled code can be called to produce 1d, 2d, and 3d graphics and histograms

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