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add a surcharge that will affect trench stability. One metre from the edge to the toe of the spoil pile is the minimum distance requirement (Figure 4). The distance should be greater for deeper trenches. Previous excavation Old utility trenches either crossing or running parallel to the new trench can affect the strength and stability (Figure 5).Trenching is the responsibility of the customercontractor. Before digging, it is necessary to obtain locates for any underground utilities that might be in the area. trenching equipment pdf

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trench wall of seemingly firm clay can be deceptive. But trench collapse can occur without warning, regardless of the depth. Most trenching fatalities occur in trenches to 1 feet deep. Because these depths invite taking chances, tragedies can and do occur even in small excavations or trenches. A trench just feet deep can become a shallow grave. Trenching and Excavating Safety Program Prepared by: The Ohio State University Environmental Health and Safety Occupational Safety& Industrial Hygiene 1314 Kinnear Road Provide sufficient equipment to ensure excavating and trenching can be conducted safely. trenching equipment pdf Describes policies and procedures for continued implementation of an OSHA National Emphasis Program (NEP) to identify and to reduce hazards which are causing or likely to cause serious injuries and fatalities during trenching and excavation operations. NUCA's Trench

accordance with HSEQ Manual section 11 (Personal Protective Equipment). 5. 7 Excavation and trench inspections Frequent inspections of the excavation and surrounding work area by the competent person are critical to ensure the safety of those individuals who have accessed the excavation. trenching equipment pdf EXCAVATION AND TRENCHING BEST PRACTICES For Operators PREEXCAVATION Obtain alignment sheets andor proper drawings to adequately locate excavation location. fixtures or equipment that may be encountered during excavation or trenching work. UNCONFINED COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH is the load per unit area at which soil will fail in compression. This measure can be determined by laboratory testing, or it can be estimated in the field using a pocket penetrometer, by thumb penetration tests, or by other methods. Northland Trenching Equipment sells new and used tiling trenchers and plows. Full service and parts. OSHA defines an excavation as any manmade cut, cavity, trench, or depression in the Earths surface formed by earth removal. A trench is defined as a narrow excavation (in relation to its length)

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