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had produced 5. 5 Moz of gold from 48. 6 Mt grading 4. 1 gt. To date, the deposit has yielded more than 8 Moz of gold. Current underground resources are 27. 7 Mt at 2. 91 gt for 2. 6 Moz. The open pitStatistical quality control is the subject of this chapter. Statistica1 quality control (SQC) SOURCES OF VARIATION: COMMON AND ASSIGNABLE CAUSES Descriptive statistics can be helpful in describing certain characteristics of a product and a process. The most important descriptive statistics are measures of central ten sources and control of quality variation pdf

CONTINUOUS QUALITY IMPROVEMENT TECHNIQUES for Healthcare Process Improvement. STATIT QUALITY CONTROL FIRST AID KIT iii Preface 1 Quality Control and Healthcare Today 1 control, the variation is determined to be due to nonnatural or assignable (special) causes.

Slide 2: 2 CONTENTS Quality assurance Quality control QC of raw material& finished products I. P. Q. C. Sources of variation Critical points Documentation Statistics References Variation By Sanjaya Kumar Saxena Variation is everywhere. It probably touches our lives more consistently than any other thing! In fact, it is the degree of variation, more than its presence, that varies. Common examples of variation we all experience include: Traffic conditions on roads vary from day to day and hour to hour. sources and control of quality variation pdf By ensuring the initial control strategy does not lead to high levels of variability. By helping the quality systems work better when the process is in operation and product is being delivered to the patient.

6 Identification of variation sources Potential sources of variation are not consistently identified for incapable Key Characteristics. Sources of variation are identified and controlled for incapable Key Characteristics. w Ref. AS9103, 5. 1& 5. 2 Sources of variation are identified and controlled for all (including capable) Key Characteristics. sources and control of quality variation pdf The sources of variation are many. They include 318 People High morale Skill Knowledge Training and education Motivation Dedication Environment Stable Predictable Supportive and encouraging Rewarding Statistical Process Control for Total Quality tions. Lean philosophy identifies eight sources of waste that detract from the value a customer receives from a business process. Educating employees about the eight sources of waste and conducting teambased reviews of business processes to look for and correct them can yield substantial benefits. Control charts help us learn more about processes Separate common and special causes of variation Determine whether a process is in a state of statistical control or outofcontrol Estimate the process parameters (mean, variation) and assess the performance of a process or its capability Mar 22, 2011 Sources of Quality Variation and its Control Quality Control 18. VariationThere is no two natural items in any category are the same. Variation may be quite large or very small. If variation very small, it may appear that items are identical, but precision instruments will show differences.

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