Networking cables and connectors pdf

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Figure 11 shows the types of connectors used with ribbon cables. Figure 11A is a DIP connector, which can plug into a standard IC DIP socket. The connector of Figure 11B mates a header , which has pins on 0. 1 centers and is common on circuit boards. The connector of Figure 11C isCables and Connectors 33 LowSpeed Connectors and Data Cables Figure 32 X. 21 Connector Pin Assignments RS449 Fantail Connector Figure 33 shows the pin assignments of networking cables and connectors pdf

The industry standard RJ45 type networking connector also maintains this spacing and 100 ohm impedance. This versatile connector works wit h all types of Cat5 and Cat6 twisted pair cabling. Guide to Cat5 and Cat6 Networking Cables

cabling, which uses connectors called BNC (Bayonet Nut Connector) is known as, in forms of Ethernet, thicknet and thinnet, in the older LAN technology, ARCnet, and cable TV. Cat 3 UTP and STP Some networking professionals use the term patch cable to refer to any kind of straightthrough network cable being used for a temporary purpose. Coax, twisted pair and fiber optic types of patch cables networking cables and connectors pdf B1 Cisco 7600 Series Router Installation Guide OL APPENDIX B Connector and Cable Specifications This chapter describes the cables and connectors

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