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2019-10-18 12:57

The Crossing The Line (Dateline or Equator) is authorized to all who cross either the Dateline in the Atlantic or the Equator in any Ocean by military or Merchant Marine vessel. (The Domain of the Dragon Certificate applies to crossing the Date Line in the Pacific. )Shellback Certificate. Celebrates crossing the Equator. Also see Golden Shellback title for crossing at the International Date Line and Special Emerald Shellback title for crossing at the Greenwich Meridian. equator crossing certificate pdf

Abstract: The Crossing the line certificate (SAFR, HDC 0034) commemorates an equator crossing, a seafaring milestone. This certificate, dated February 10, 1910, was made out to E. Schwerin while a Mariner aboard the S. S.

Celebrate your equator crossing with a shellback certificate With this traditional equator crossing certificate (shellback certificate) you can give yourself and your crew a memory for life of your crossing of equator and the meeting with King Neptune. Crossing the Line with SIO The following are pictures taken of crossing the line ceremonies on Scripps Institution of Oceanography expeditions when crossing the equator. equator crossing certificate pdf Shellback Download Free Pdf uploaded by Sofia Harper on October 27 2018. (crossing the equator at the international dateline), and the emerald (crossing at the prime meridian, and very rare. Shellback Certificate Tiffany Publishing Shellback Certificate. Celebrates crossing the Equator. Also see Golden Shellback title for crossing at

Neptune and his entourage during a Polish linecrossing ceremony (Chrzest rwnikowy) Once the ceremony is complete, a Pollywog receives a certificate [5 declaring his new status. Another rare status is the Golden Shellback, a person who has crossed the Equator at equator crossing certificate pdf Certificate of achievement for crossing the equator. Page 1 Previous: 1 of 1: Next: View Description. Page Flip View: View PDF& Text: Download: small (250x250 max) medium (500x500 max) Large. Extra Large. large ( 500x500) Full Resolution. All (PDF) Print: This page. All. PDF

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