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Relative clauses worksheet Exercise 1 whose barking that I am loking for that is sitting who workedRelative clauses are subordinate clauses that modify a noun. Here is an example: John read the book that Mary loaned to him. The underlined words are a relative clause. It exists only in relation to the noun book , which it modifies. There are two types of relative clauses. One is a specifying clause. The other is a clause that only describes. relative clause grammar pdf

Relative Clause Exercises. Here's a list of all the relative clause exercises on the site. Defining Relative Clauses 1 (in PDF here); Defining Relative Clauses 2 (in PDF here); Defining Relative Clauses 3 (in PDF here); Defining Relative Clauses 4 (in PDF here); Go to the main relative clauses explanation page here.

Worksheets pdf exercises: relative pronouns and relative clauses. Handouts to print, printable resources pdf. Defining Relative Clauses Exercise 4 Make one sentence by changing the sentence in italics into a defining relative clause. The relative pronoun can be the subject or the object of the relative clause. relative clause grammar pdf Grammar Bytes! chompchomp. com 2018 3 If, however, we eliminate children and choose more specific nouns instead, the relative clause becomes nonessential and does require commas to separate it from the rest of the sentence. Read this revision: Matthew and his sister Loretta, who skateboard in the street, are especially noisy in the early evening.

NAME: DATE: GRAMMAR QUIZ RELATIVE CLAUSES Complete these sixteen sentences to score your knowledge of RELATIVE CLAUSES. 1. I know a great little restaurant 9. The movie we saw last week won we can get lunch. three awards. a) that a) who b) who b) when c) where c) which 2. relative clause grammar pdf We use defining relative clauses to give essential information about someone or something information that we need in order to understand what or who is being referred to. A defining relative clause usually comes immediately after the noun it describes. When the relative pronoun is the subject

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