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APPENDIX I Range Cards GENERAL A range card is a rough sketch of the terrain around a weapon position. In the defense, you prepare To prepare your range card when assigned a PDF instead of an FPL: Sketch in the limits of the primary sector of fire as assigned by your leadercompass, prepare a range card in order to recall the data to fire on predetermined targets and as an aid in estimating ranges to other targets during regular visibility. usmc range card pdf

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2 1) Back Ground a) Range Safety Certification Course (RSCC) attendance roster is available on the Range Operations Division intranet web site at: the range card. a. Entered the reading for elevation into the ELEVATION block in the DATA SECTION of the range card. b. Entered the range to the target into the RANGE block in the DATA SECTION of the range card. c. Described each target in writings. d. Completed the REMARKS block for each target, as needed. usmc range card pdf USMC Range Safety Pocket Guide Version 1. 2 Excerpts from Army Regulation, MCO 3570. 1B, 19 May 2003 1 Summary This pocket guide provides revised range safety policy for the U. S. Marine Corps.

and ROTC and military academy instructors. This manual is organized with separate chapters covering doctrine, tactics, techniques and procedures, and includes a tactical standing operating procedure. usmc range card pdf The Combat Leaders' Guide is both an extract of doctrinal publications and a compilation of tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs). It is principally Range card preparation 511 Range card (blank) 513 Range card (sample) 514 515 517 518 Sector sketch preparation DATA SECTION STANDARD RANGE CARD For use of this form see FM 321. 71; the proponent agency is TRADOC. DA FORM 5517R, FEB 1986 USAPA V1. 01 Headquarters United States Marine Corps Washington, D. C. Range Cards 649 Section 12. Firing From Defilade Position 653 Machine Guns and Machine Gun Gunnery MCWP 315. 1.

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