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We initially prepare three different reports for each student who teststhe Student Report, the High School Report, and the College Report. If you took the ACT with writing, an image of the essay you write may be available to the high school and colleges that receive your score report.The ACT score report provides information about a student's educational needs, extracurricular achievements, and educational plans. This information, along with high school grades and test scores, helps the programs evaluate applications for scholarships and other financial assistance. act score report pdf

Score Report. The student score report clearly summarizes a students current achievement levels and encourages next steps to increase college and career readiness. You can help students by going over their score reports and helping them SAT Understanding Scores 2018

ACT Score Reports. Approximately three to eight weeks after an ACT test date, students will be mailed their ACT score reports. If a student took the ACT with Writing, score reports will not be mailed until a student's Writing score is available, which is typically about two weeks after the multiplechoice scores Your ACT Scores When to Expect Them Your ACT score report will be available online 2 to 8 weeks after each national or international test date. If you took the writing test, your score report will be ready within 5 to 8 weeks after the test date. WHY DOES IT TAKE SO LONG? More than 2 million students took the ACT last year. act score report pdf The priority report option on the ACT website refers to sending scores to collegesnot getting a faster score report. Colleges will not be sent your ACT scores until the full report (including your Writing score, if you took the ACT with Writing) has been processed.

ACT HOW TO SAVE SCORES INTO A PDF FILE. 4. Click on VIEW SCORES. 5. If your scores are available to view, you will be prompted to reenter your password. 6. Click on DOWNLOAD STUDENT SCORE REPORT PDF. The PDF will download and popup when the download is complete. 7. Right click anywhere on the PDF and select SAVE. act score report pdf Sep 01, 2011  of the free report rules that the 2003 FACT Act required the Commission to publish. The rules were published on time in June 2004 and updated in March 2010. Understanding Your Score Report The Readiness Benchmarks are the scores that ACT deems necessary to have a 50 chance of obtaining a B or higher and a 75 chance of obtaining a An official score report is one sent by College Board, the testing agency, not you. Go online at the College Board site, see Send SAT Scores Send SAT Results to Colleges, Universities or Scholarship Programs and order your scores sent to each college to which you have applied. It Download a score report from the testing website (College Board or ACT). This will likely be a PDF, which you can then upload to your application. Print and

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