Left brain right brain test pdf

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The right side of your body is controlled by the left side of your brain. The left side of your body is controlled by the right side of your brain. Most people are leftbrain dominate, even people who are lefthanded writers. The left side of your brain controls speech, reading, writing, and math.But leftbrain or rightbrain? These are not so wellknown. Interestingly however, whether it is our left hemisphere that is more dominant or our right one, the distinction can impact our personality and the decisions we make. For example, leftbrain people are more organized and systematic. Rightbrain people are more creative and intuitive. left brain right brain test pdf

and functions of the left side of the body, and the left side of the brain controls most of the movements and functions of the right side of the body. You may hear that someone is a rightbrained or leftbrained individual.

Left BrainRight Brain Pathways to Reach Every Learner By better understanding our own neurological strengths and weaknesses, we can adapt our lessons to reach all of our students. By Diane Connell, Ph. D. Sam, a fourth grade student, starts to draw every time I v. Below are 2 links: Left Brain Characteristics and Right Brain Characteristics. a. If you had more Ls click the Left Brain Characteristics to find characteristics and info of left brain individuals. b. If you had more Rs click the Right Brain Characteristics to find characteristics and info of right brain individuals. left brain right brain test pdf Left and RightBrain Preferences Profile. Left and RightHemisphere Brain Functions. Brain Preference Indicator Test 1. In a problemsolving situation, do you: r a. take a walk and mull solutions over, then discuss them? e questions in this selftest cover the most salient differences between dominant rights and lefts.

Scores 05 indicates a more left brain preference, while scores of 712 indicates a more right brain preference. Score of 6 indicates that the left and right brain are equally involved. 3. How does this work? Each answer represents a more left or right brain response: Left Brain Characteristics Right Brain Characteristics 1. left brain right brain test pdf the organizational strengths of a left brained person and the creative brilliance of a rightbrained person. The LeftBrain Teacher Teachers with leftbrain strengths generally prefer to teach using lecture and discussion. To incorporate sequence, they put outlines on the board or overhead, and they like to adhere to prepared time schedules.

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