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Simplifying Algebraic Expressions Name (using Real Number Properties) Directions: Simplify each expression by showing andor justifying each step. EXAMPLE: Simplify and justify steps: 20 4(x 3y 8 x 4y Commutative Property of Multiplication 1. 3(x 4)Properties of Zero Let a and b be real numbers, variables, or algebraic expressions. Property Explanation 1. a 0 a and a 0 a zero added to or subtracted from algebraic properties of real numbers pdf

Section P. 2 Properties of Real Numbers 17 Properties of Real Numbers Let a, b, and c represent real numbers. Property Verbal Description Closure Property of Addition The sum of two real numbers is a real number. is a real number. Example: and 6 is a real number. Closure Property of Multiplication The product of two real numbers is a real number.

23. ()69 15x x 24. (74 6 36)( )()25. 63ne h6393df3 tn a3I3, 9 () ( ) 26. 85 4 4 5 ( ) For# 2728, name the property used in each step. 27. ab a b ab a properties are similar, but no the same: SUBSTITUTION works only on NUMBERS ( ), while the TRANSITIVE PROPERTY can be used to describe relationships between FIGURES or NUMBERS ( or ). algebraic properties of real numbers pdf Algebra 2: Real Numbers and Algebraic Expressions& Name: & &

operations, and properties of operations with real numbers; and 8. 4 The student will apply the order of operations to evaluate algebraic expressions for given replacement values of the variables. algebraic properties of real numbers pdf Page 1 of 2 1. 1 Real Numbers and Number Operations 3 Real Numbers and Number Operations USING THE REAL NUMBER LINE The numbers used most often in algebra are the real numbers. Some important subsets of the real numbers are listed below. Therefore, I say, real number properties, such as these algebraic properties, apply to operations on literal equations as well as onevariable equations. Teacher's Note: While reviewing the properties, I stress how all of the operations can be completed using addition or multiplication. The Identity Properties The numbers 0 and 1 have special properties. Multiplication of a number by 1 does not change the number, and addition of 0 to a number does not change the number. That is why 1 is called the multiplicative identity and 0 is called the additive identity. Identity Properties For any real number a, a 1 1 a a and a 0 0 a a. The number before each Property is the number of questions that will be generated for that topic. Select the Properties You Wish to Use in the Worksheet The number of questions for each Property is to the left of the checkbox.

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