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to use the whole language approach to teach reading and writing. You can choose how often to meet depending on your own situation. Some groups meet monthly or every other week. It is even possible to meet weekly if you don't have to travel far to get together. A support group can be any size. You need at least two people to begin the conversation.2. 1 Whole Language Approach The whole language proponents claimed that language should not be broken down into letters and combinations of letters and decoded (Stahl& Miller, 1989). Instead, they believe that language is a complete system of making meaning, with words functioning in relation to each other in context (Moats, 2007). Froses (1991, p. whole language approach to reading pdf

language as a whole and thus avoids many problems in the traditional teaching methods. Based on an analysis of some of the major problems in traditional teaching, this paper will therefore introduce and demonstrate the whole language theory and explore its application to the teaching of English reading. 2.

PDF The main objective of this study is to emphasize on whole language approach developing mainly the two primary skills of reading and writing in varying degrees and combinations. The International Reading Association has supported the inclusion of phonics in the whole language approach to literacy. The teaching of phonics is an important aspect of beginning reading instruction, the IRA stated in The Role of Phonics in Reading Instruction advisory. whole language approach to reading pdf Defending Whole Language: The Limits of Phonics Instruction and the Efficacy of Whole Language Instruction Stephen Krashen Reading Improvement 39 (1): 3242, 2002 The Reading Wars show no signs of stopping. There appear to be two factions: Those who support the SkillBuilding hypothesis and those who support the Comprehension Hypothesis.

The whole la nguage approach has its roots in the me anin gemph asis, wholeword model of teachi ng reading. Its more recent relation was an approach called language experien ce whic h became whole language approach to reading pdf The whole language approach to reading is a philosophy that stresses the importance of children thinking about their thinking, or being metacognitive. The whole language approach

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