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Applicability This manual applies exclusively to devices of the SPRECONEC automationplatform. Information about SPRECONEC device management, configuration, can be found in the explicit SPRECONEC documents ( Reference documents onpage4).Response time 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 0 2 4 6 8 10 deviation Xw [ Response time [s integral value 576 integral value 396 integral value 216 SPRECONECAVR sprecon-e-c pdf

The SPRECONE devices are based on a homogenous and comprehensive platform concerning hardware, data structures, communication, logical functions as well as engineering and maintenance. SPRECONE can be applied close to the process due to its high robustness and high electromagnetic compatibility of its hardware.

Included is the use of the SPRECONEP DSZ4 as a mother clock. Selftest Comprehensive monitoring routines of the hardware and for the software are provided to unit of the SPRECONECSeries in following way: guration parameters. The user can monitor the status Process and device information can be fullgraphically shown of the connected control unit through separated status LEDs on the 5 inch backlit and optional color (CCP) LC display (8). sprecon-e-c pdf The SPRECONECSeries covers devices of different performance classes and case sizes for various control, automation and monitoring solutions in electric power supply and municipal utilities. For these tasks the SPRECONEC series was designed for maximum security, reliability and availability.

The SPRECONE station computer is based on modular Standard protocols such as IEC. bayoriented or cen traloriented hardware (SPRECONECPT3). can be sprecon-e-c pdf Each SPRECONEC device consists of a basic frame (rack, power supply, CPU, IO modules) and, if required, a detachable HMI control panel. By combination of different pluggable modules, the devices can be individually assembled in order to meet particular requirements. The C programming K& R Pdf UNIVPM SPRECON E IS APPLIED AS SPRECON SPRECONEC Multifunctional devices for automation, control and remote control SPRECONET3 Compact RTUs for automation and remote control SPRECONEP Protection devices and onebox solutions (combined protection and control) V460 Control center system SPRECONE is the result of our longterm experience in the areas of power Cubicle with SPRECONEC remote terminal units Wideranging scalability Showing a high scalability range, the devices are applied as remote control units for all types of plants and utilities.

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